Scoring programs for Clubs running Competitions

The PFA official program for running tournaments is the OK Sport software . It is also the official endorsed software for the International governing body - the FIPJP. Sport is used by over 20 Clubs and Leagues across Australia. It only runs on a PC and is seen by some users as a bit inflexible. There are documents on the PFA website on how to run Sport Tournament Software. Some Clubs use self-generated Excel spreadsheets for managing tournaments. Others rely on the old school paper forms. There is an interesting other option - KickerTool! This software was originally designed in Germany to cover Table Football competitions (Fussball) but has been adopted by a number of other sports across the sporting spectrum (including New Zealand Petanque, we believe) . It’s very good and free. You can find Kickertool at Because it uses different terminology and has some different event types, Peter Wells and Jeff Langdon have written a User manual for it. It's 'available here.

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