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To all petanque players

We have had a number of enquiries as to why PFA have recommended that all clubs close down and do not allow members to continue to play at their facilities, rather than just following the government guidelines, limiting player numbers to 100 inside and 500 outside.

First, we would like to point out that the government guidelines go further than that. They include a recommendation that participants should not attend or participate in community sport if they are at a high risk, including the elderly and those with a pre-existing medical condition.

With regard to our sport of petanque, the FIPJP issued recommendations last Thursday, that member Federations in all countries should close all clubs and facilities. PFA subsequently communicated this information to all clubs to close.

In Australia a substantial proportion of our players are over 70 and many others are over 50, an age which in this case is classified as old.

We are in a very serious situation with coronavirus cases increasing in all Australian States each day. I don’t think we have a case of the virus within the Australian Petanque community yet but we cannot treat it lightly.

We do not want any of our players to contract the virus whilst playing petanque, more importantly we do not want even one player to die from this dreadful virus.

Please take care, stay at home and don’t mix with other people unless it is absolutely necessary.

That way we will all be able to enjoy petanque again once the pandemic is over.

Joe Corcoran

President PFA


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