Australian Teams for Oceania

Oceania Championships, Australia 2019

The FIPJP is represented through out the world by Confederations – Oceania, North America, Asia, Europe, etc. Confederations committee are elected by their respective National federations and in some case by leagues e.g. in Oceania with Wallis & Futuna and New Caledonia.

Oceania championships are awarded on a rotation base amongst its members and it held every 2 years New Zealand 2017 - Australia 2019 – Tahiti 2021.

Oceania championships include 5 events - Single, double, triple, pointing and shooting for men and women in separate competition

This year the competition is being held at Caulfield Petanque Club from Oct 1st to 6th.

Australia has two teams in each Competition.


Denis Masson

Sebastien Edouard

Stephane Langlois

Frederic Vencatasamy

Eric Doublet

Jean Luc Domergue

Kierran Clarke

Alexi Alexi


Wendy Bensen

Selina Dally

Chantelle McGrath

Haejung Jang

Ariadne Ernest

Tina Genovese

Susan Begley

Deb Rodda

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