Results from the World Championships in Almeria, Spain 2019

Australia was represented by Catherine Ayre, Lynn Dufresne, Vickram Ramjuttun and Patrick Dufresne at the Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles World Championships in Almeria, Spain from 2 to 5 May 2019. Contrary to the Men’s Triples, Women’s Triples and Junior World Championships, the host country doesn’t supply free accommodation for the players. Each of our players had to pay for all expenses (flight, hotel, etc.) PFA only providing the uniforms as per our existing policy.

Full results are available at the FIPJP site.

In summary:

Singles Women won by Charlotte Darotes from France. Australia’s Catherine Ayre came 41st.

Men’s Singles was won by Maiky Molinas from Switzerland with Australia’s Ramjuttun Vickram coming 36th.

Women’s Doubles won by Thailand with Australia’s’ team of Catherine Ayre and Lynn Dufresne coming in 24th.

Men’s Doubles was won by France with Australia’s team of Patrick Dufresne, Vickram Ramjuttun coming 26th.

Mixed Doubles was won by Thailand. Australia's Lyn and Patrick Dufresne came 33rd.

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