Pan Pacific at Weird in November

Weird Petanque Club in Victoria has accepted an invitation from a Japanese businessman to conduct the tournament called the Pan Pacific which has been conducted every two years in recent times. This will feature a number of teams from Japan and around the Pacific as well as two teams from Weird and two selected by the PFA Selection Panel.

The Tournament is on Nov 24 and 25 at Weird Entertainers. Spectators welcome.

The PFA selected teams are

The women's team:

Ariadne Ernest (NSW) , Annick Masson (VIC) and Wendy Bensen (SA). Coach: Adrian Clement

The Men’s teams:

1. David Lefer (SA), Laurent Fossaert (VIC), Mathieu Faure-Goers (WA),

2. Guy Mercier (VIC), Vikram Ramjuttun (WA) and Nick Armstrong (SA). Coach: Patrick Dufresne.

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