Mens Triples World Championships Day Two

The second day of play saw the Australian team play three games, losing two of them (to Turkey and Taiwan, that one by just 1 point!) The winning game against Scotland was 13-0. That left us on a win loss ratio of 2-3 and a delta of +2

At the end of the qualifying round we were placed 30th in ranking meaning we missed the Principale. There were many teams on 2-3 and we missed out because of the Buckholst system. We had a delta of +2; teams in the final 24 had deltas of -14! Them's the brakes in Petanque.

The Nations Cup started after that. We had a bye then played Jersey. They went 10-0 up after three rounds but we fought back to 11-11 losing on the last end.

Tomorrow - Cambodia.

Some pics below:

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