World Mens Triples Championships Day One

Ten love down after two ends isn't the greatest start to a World Championship... but more on that later.

The world mens triples championships commenced on Sept 13 in a small town north of Quebec City in Canada. The town is Desbiens and, at first place, its not that impressive. .. but wait till later too! (See next post from Andre.)

Desbiens is so small that most off the players and delegates from the 42 competing counties had to be accommodated in towns nearby. The Australian delegation was placed in Alma - 30 mins drive away.

Most of our delegation had very difficult trips to Alma requiring long trips in planes and buses. This didn't help with the preparation. The FIPGP Annual Meeting on the evening of the 12th didn't help either.

Day one started with the Shooting competition. Australia's Lionel Chazal shot a very good 34, reduced to 31 after a pretty trivial foot violation, meaning he ended up at 19th position just missing out on the final 16, being in 19th place.

In the Mens triples, in the first game of the round of five using the Swiss system, we played USA who had a hot shot shooter about 18 years old (he'd come second in the first round of the shooting at 49).

After two ends, with this shooter taking everything, we were 10 - 0 down. The boys then regrouped and with Laurent Fossaert the shooter, we were getting back into the game after another three ends - at 10 - 5. Then, using our last ball to put a boule on the cochenet, we had their shooter take our boule out and move the coch to their three boule behind the rest giving them the game. Very bad luck as we were on to them

In the second round, we were scheduled to play Mauritania who didn't show so we got a much needed win going in to day two on 1:1

Some pics from day one follow.

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