Victorian Coaching Clinic a success

Patrick Dufresne the PFA National Coach conducted a coaching clinic for Mornington Peninsula Clubs on Saturday the 9th June at the Main Ridge Bowls and Petanque Club. He was assisted by new Club Coaches Jean Claude Dufroux and Mohan Nugawela and Patrick’s wife Lynn Dufresne.

Twenty players from Main Ridge, Mornington Peninsula and St. Andrews Beach Petanque clubs took part in the coaching clinic.

It was a comprehensive programme that comprised both theory and practical sessions.

The theory component covered a range of topics including the role of the coach, diet, mental approach, the skill level pyramid, the need to practice to improve, game tactics respect for the sport and all people involved and balance between the sport and other aspects of your life.

The practice session started with warm up exercises led by Lynn Dufresne. The coaches then demonstrated and corrected players’ correct grip of the boule, the arm swing and posture, the three types of pointing, imparting backspin and spinning the boule to the left and right and different shooting techniques to suit individual players. This was followed by a comprehensive range of shooting and pointing exercises.

Coaching manuals will be forwarded to the VPCI to place on our website.

There was positive feed back from the players expressing that they had learnt something new on the day.

Our thanks go to the Coaches, Lynn and the Main Ridge Bowls and Petanque Club for hosting the clinic.

Graeme McIntyre

Secretary VPCI

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