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Petanque as a unique sport originating in 1910 in southern France. The International governing body (the FIPJP) started in 1958. International championships commenced the next year. Originally the Championships were Triples only. Later Shooting, Doubles and Singles in Men, Women and Juniors were introduced. See this Wikipedia link for more detail.

Australia first started participating in the World Championships in 1993. The attached spreadsheet summarises Australia's participation across the various forms of competition over the following period. You'll notice its not complete. If any reader has more information please send us details.

For Australia to play in the biennual World Mens Petanque Championships we must first qualify at the Oceania Championships in the year before. Our men did this last year in New Zealand. As a consequence we are heading to the World Mens Championships at Desbiens in Canada in September this year.

The PFA selects our teams using a comprehensive and independent process. Recently the team to travel to Desbiens was announced.

Men’s World Championship ( Australian Team)

Lionel Chazal (SA)

Harold Dercy (NSW)

Frederic Vencatasamy (VIC)

Laurent Fossaert(VIC)

Patrick Dufresne was appointed coach of the team.

PFA delegates Andre Deramond and Jeff Langdon

The Womens team for the Asian Championships in KL in July is

Deb Rodda (SA)

Selina Dally (SA)

Cathy Ayre (NSW)

Christine Caseris (WA)

We aren't sending a Junior team to this competition due to unavailability of potential team members.

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