PFA Clubs and Leagues Re-Affiliation Time

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Notice to Members May 25th 2018

PFA Fees Renewal

Please note that in June every year it is time for PFA affiliated Clubs and Leagues to renew their affiliation by paying the annual $100 fee AND to re-licence their licenced players. Note that the Player's Licence fee has increased this year for the first year in a long time to $35. Junior players' licence fees remain at $10 This is now done through the PFA Members Portal. It's important to make sure you are doing this correctly. Read - and reread - the relevant instructions in the User Instructions. (Section 4.2.1) Note especially that you only use the Pay Registration process for paying your Club affiliation fee and licence fees for your current players. For players who might have left in the past year or so and are returning (they will be visible as Archived in your Club Players list) please send an email with the request to Unarchive them - we will then send you an Invoice separately. For players who are new, use the Request new player menu item. For those Clubs who used the Club Casual Licence scheme last year, don't renew these as they have been replaced by the Day Licence. See Players Licence policy on the website. If you have any queries please give Jeff Langdon a call on 0411 552 862 (By the way welcome to new Club - Chameral in Victoria - bringing us to 53 Clubs across the nation with 1673 licenced Players, more than last year's total of 1640.)

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