Special General meeting for PFA

A Message to all PFA affiliated clubs (separate correspondence has been sent to all Clubs and Leagues)

A notice of a Special General Meeting called for the 9th of December to seek approval from our members to amend the PFA Constitution to allow holders of official positions with member clubs to be elected as a director of PFA has been sent to all Clubs and Leagues.

An explanation of the reason we believe this change necessary is contained within the body of notice, so I won’t repeat it here. The board of PFA believe that making this amendment to the constitution will enable us to attract a wider range of people to stand for election to the board and this will assist us to achieve our plan to improve the gender and age diversity of the board members.

In order to pass this motion we need to receive the support of a 75% majority, so it is really important that you vote to support this amendment. You can do so by having your representative attend the meeting in person at Caulfield Petanque Club or you can attend the meeting electronically by following the instructions in the notice.

However, as the only item of business on the agenda of this meeting, is this constitutional amendment and if you agree with it, you can simply complete the proxy form attached and instruct the chairperson of the meeting that you wish to vote in support of the motion.

Should you wish to discuss the need for this amendment or require any further information, please feel free to call me on 0407425324.

We look forward to your vote of support for this change

Joe Corcoran

President PFA

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