National Squads Named

The PFA Coaching Commission, after observing players during the recent Trans Tasman in Adelaide and Easter Carnival in Melbourne have named the following players as members of the PFA National squad 2017. Men national squad 2017: Mathieu Faure- Geors Eric Leconte Michael Lacase Lionel Chazal David Lefer Bronson Romani Pierrot Lubin Mohammed Qaba Sebastian Edouard Denis Masson Frederick Ventcasatamy Kierran Clarke Laurent Fossaert Tim Stevenson Harold Darcy Women national squad 2017: Cathy Ayre Chantelle McGrath Ariadne Ernest Min Kuan Lim Bridie Kinghorn Wendy Bensen Julie Lacase Stella Jang Hae Jung Sue Begley Tina Genovese Eileen Marie Anick Masson The players named will be considered (depending on their availability) by the PFA Selection Panel in May 2017 to represent Australia in our 3 International majors coming events. Oceania championships in Christchurch October 2017 - 6 men and 6 women Junior world championships in China venue and date TBA (December 2017) - 4 players (boys and girls) Women world championships in China venue and date TBA (December 2017) - 4 women

Andre Deramond PFA Sport Director FIPJP International Umpire

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