New category of Player License

July 18, 2016

The PFA recently endorsed a new category of Licence - Casual.  This is designed to assist clubs with encouraging new or ocassional players to play in PFA endorsed tournamnets.


1. Petanque Federation Australia will make available to member clubs a facility where
the club may hold up to 6 licenses for issue to casual players who attend their club.
This facility is provided for the use of new players, overseas visitors and sponsors
who wish to participate in a tournament. This facility is not provided for regular
unlicensed players as means to play in a sanctioned tournament. This facility is not
available for players to participate in State Championships or PFA National and
International open events.
2. An individual will be eligible to use this facility 3 times in a license year only. This
applies to any club or tournament or event. The club may as they deem appropriate
receive a payment from the player for the use of this facility.
3. The licenses are not transferable and may not be sold loaned or borrowed by or to
another club. The license may only be used at the club for which it is issued.
Therefore the player can only play in the club providing the special license for that
4. The license is for the use of one player on one day at one tournament or event. On
completion of the tournament or event the license is to be returned to the club.
An individual may use this facility a maximum of 3 times only.
5. The License binds the casual player to the FIPJP rules of Petanque and the
Petanque Federation Australia Policies and Regulations. The player using this
facility is therefore responsible and liable for any penalties imposed by the club,
league or PFA that the player has incurred whilst using this facility.
6. The licenses may be purchased by a member club at the beginning of the license
year at a cost of $30.00 per license a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 6 may be
purchased in a license year by a member club.
7. Petanque Federation Australia will commence this facility on the 1st of July 2016.
The Licenses will be available for purchase for the following license year up to the
31st of August 2016. In subsequent years the Licenses will only be available for
purchase by member clubs from July 1st to August 31st of that licenses year. The
license will not be available for purchase at any other time.
8. Inappropriate use of this facility will result in withdrawal of the facility at the member
Clubs cost. And any other penalty as the board see fit.

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