The FIPJPis conducting a new competition in this time of COVID-19. Details here The Invitation is as follows To: The National Federations / Associations Respecting President, Secretary General Dear Sir/Madam On behalf of organizing committee of WPOC 2020, I am pleased and honored to invite you to the 1st World Petanque Offline Cup – Combating Against COVID19 throughout the world, during the period of August 03-09, 2020. As it is not predictable that when the COVID19 pandemic will end, organizing the named event will be a milestone for FIPJP to show its capacity for involving people in sport and competitions and not allow to give up anymore. The WPOC in cooperation with the International Huma


Scoring programs for Clubs running Competitions The PFA official program for running tournaments is the OK Sport software . It is also the official endorsed software for the International governing body - the FIPJP. Sport is used by over 20 Clubs and Leagues across Australia. It only runs on a PC and is seen by some users as a bit inflexible. There are documents on the PFA website on how to run Sport Tournament Software. Some Clubs use self-generated Excel spreadsheets for managing tournaments. Others rely on the old school paper forms. There is an interesting other option - KickerTool! This software was originally designed in Germany to cover Table Football competitions (Fussball) b

National Player Survey Results

In May 2020 the PFA conducted its first nation-wide survey of petanque players. Over 450 players responded. The Board of the PFA is now engaged in analysing the results of the survey. A Discussion Paper will be distributed in July for feedback from the sector. In the meantime the raw results - anonymised - are available for interested parties to read. There were 48 questions so it's a big document. Download it here. A second survey will be conducted of PFA Members (Clubs and Leagues) which will be more-targeted at Club-specific issues - probably in July.


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