Clarification on COVID-19 FIPJP Memo

To all petanque players We have had a number of enquiries as to why PFA have recommended that all clubs close down and do not allow members to continue to play at their facilities, rather than just following the government guidelines, limiting player numbers to 100 inside and 500 outside. First, we would like to point out that the government guidelines go further than that. They include a recommendation that participants should not attend or participate in community sport if they are at a high risk, including the elderly and those with a pre-existing medical condition. With regard to our sport of petanque, the FIPJP issued recommendations last Thursday, that member Federations in all countri

How to get your Easter Carnival Refund

If you registered for the now-cancelled National Titles in Adelaide at Easter and paid you can apply for a refund. Note that some payments were made by a team member other than the one who registered the team! So you might need to liaise with your other team members. To receive a refund please send an email to the PFA Treasurer Helen Bayet ( and provide your bank details so an electronic transfer can occur. Also provide the number of the Receipt you received from the PFA when payment was made. Hopefully, we will see you next year at the Nationals again at Nova Gardens PC who have put together a magnificent venue.

Trans Tasman Also Cancelled

PETANQUE FEDERATION AUSTRALIA TRANS TASMAN CHAMPIONSHIPS NOTICE OF CANCELLATION In accordance with Australian Government advice not to undertake unnecessary overseas travel, Petanque Federation Australia has advised Petanque New Zealand that Australia will not be able to send a team to New Zealand to compete in the Trans-Tasman Championships and the event will have to be cancelled. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the cancelation of this event but it would be unwise for PFA to disregard the advice of the Australian Government on this matter. The Board of PFA believe we must all make every effort to contain the spread of this potentially deadly virus. Joe Corcoran President

Easter Petanque Carnival Cancelled

To the Australian Petanque Community As a result of the continued increase in the number of Corona Virus cases in Australia and in accordance the recommendations of the FIPJP: The Board of Petanque Federation of Australia has decided to cancel the Easter Petanque Carnival planned to take place in Adelaide over Easter This decision has not been made lightly nor in haste, but regrettably and with deep disappointment. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the cancellation of this event, but it would be unwise for PFA to disregard the advice of the FIPJP and the Australian and State Governments on this matter. The Board of PFA believes we must all make every effort to contain the s

PFA March Newsletter now available

The monthly Newsletter is available at the Member Newsletters page. Its got a slight glitch in that the header says its the February edition!


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