Pan Pacific at Weird in November

Weird Petanque Club in Victoria has accepted an invitation from a Japanese businessman to conduct the tournament called the Pan Pacific which has been conducted every two years in recent times. This will feature a number of teams from Japan and around the Pacific as well as two teams from Weird and two selected by the PFA Selection Panel. The Tournament is on Nov 24 and 25 at Weird Entertainers. Spectators welcome. The PFA selected teams are The women's team: Ariadne Ernest (NSW) , Annick Masson (VIC) and Wendy Bensen (SA). Coach: Adrian Clement The Men’s teams: 1. David Lefer (SA), Laurent Fossaert (VIC), Mathieu Faure-Goers (WA), 2. Guy Mercier (VIC), Vikram Ramjuttun (WA) and Nick Armst

Mens World Triples Championships Final day

The final day of the Tournament saw France win over Morocco 13 - 7 in the Triples and Dylan Rocher of France win the Shooting Competition. Both twins were predicable on form. The only upset was when the Umpire in the shooting red carded the Madagascan player twice for taking too long robbing him of 10 points. Mauritania won the Nations cup over Tahiti 13 - 5. Overall an excellently run competition. Congratulations to the Canadian Petanque Federation for hosting one of the best.

Mens Triples World Championships Day Three

We started day three in the Nations Cup with a knock out game against Cambodia. A bad start again had us down 6-0 after three ends. We then started coming back with some good pointing by Harold Dercy and shooting from both Lionel Chazal and Patrick Dufresne. After eight ends it was 8 all, then 11-10 to them after the full time whistle. One more end saw Cambodia take the two points necessary to win the game and put Australia out of the competition. It was a disappointing end to the contest but our team performed admirably and with great spirit - thanks Lionel Chazal, Harold Dercy, Laerent Fossaert and Patrick Dufresne. The up side was we were able for the rest of the day to watch the world

Mens Triples World Championships Day Two

The second day of play saw the Australian team play three games, losing two of them (to Turkey and Taiwan, that one by just 1 point!) The winning game against Scotland was 13-0. That left us on a win loss ratio of 2-3 and a delta of +2 At the end of the qualifying round we were placed 30th in ranking meaning we missed the Principale. There were many teams on 2-3 and we missed out because of the Buckholst system. We had a delta of +2; teams in the final 24 had deltas of -14! Them's the brakes in Petanque. The Nations Cup started after that. We had a bye then played Jersey. They went 10-0 up after three rounds but we fought back to 11-11 losing on the last end. Tomorrow - Cambodia. Some

Mens triples World Championships Opening Ceremony

In unprecedented scenes for FIPJP World Championships (according to old hands who've been to many) Day One ended with all participant nations marching behind their national flags down the street from the site of the competition to a massive tent near the town hall where what seemed like half of Canada was lining the streets and filling the tent to greet us all. They seemed genuinely grateful to see us all. After the requisite speeches including a number by the mayor of Debiens, who is obviously the force behind this massive logistical exercise, everyone was treated to a fantastic concert by a troupe of performers singing songs form Quebec over the past three decades. Some thoughts from And

World Mens Triples Championships Day One

Ten love down after two ends isn't the greatest start to a World Championship... but more on that later. The world mens triples championships commenced on Sept 13 in a small town north of Quebec City in Canada. The town is Desbiens and, at first place, its not that impressive. .. but wait till later too! (See next post from Andre.) Desbiens is so small that most off the players and delegates from the 42 competing counties had to be accommodated in towns nearby. The Australian delegation was placed in Alma - 30 mins drive away. Most of our delegation had very difficult trips to Alma requiring long trips in planes and buses. This didn't help with the preparation. The FIPGP Annual Meeting

Super 4 in Adelaide

The annual Super 4 competition was held in Adelaide last weekend (Sept 8/9). Super 4 is a competition where the best teams from each State compete against each other - two men and two women in Open and Sixty Plus classes. The results: (List of teams below) Open:1 St SA1, 2nd SA2, 3rd WA, 4th VIC Over 60's: 1St NSW, 2ND VIC, 3rd WA, 4th SA. Some photos: The teams for this year, where the tournament was held at Eastern Suburbs Petanque Club, were Open: VIC Nicolas Demunck Elisa Papotto Eileen Marie Jessen Soomary WA Hina Vert Christine Caseris Mathieu Faure-Geors Vickram Ramjuttun SA Team 1 Deb Rodda, Wendy Bensen Lionel Chazal Raja Jammaleddine SA Team 2 Alexi Alexi Craig Stewart Selina Da

Short Promotional Video

See the attached link for a short 2min video from the Confédération Européenne de Pétanque. Its in English. Good for demonstrating Petanque at open days or other presentations. Confédération Européenne de Pétanque

Petanque Australia at the World Championships!

This month the Australian delegation heads to tiny Desbiens north of Montreal in Canada for the 48th World Men's Triples Petanque Championships. Players: Laurent Fossaert, Harold Dercy and Lionel Chazal. Coach: Patrick Dufresne and PFA delegates: André Deramond and Jeff Langdon The event takes place from September 12th to 16th. For daily updates keep an eye on the PFA website. How have we gone in previous World Championships? Check out this spreadsheet.


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