Aussies to World Championships

Petanque as a unique sport originating in 1910 in southern France. The International governing body (the FIPJP) started in 1958. International championships commenced the next year. Originally the Championships were Triples only. Later Shooting, Doubles and Singles in Men, Women and Juniors were introduced. See this Wikipedia link for more detail. Australia first started participating in the World Championships in 1993. The attached spreadsheet summarises Australia's participation across the various forms of competition over the following period. You'll notice its not complete. If any reader has more information please send us details. For Australia to play in the biennual World Mens P

PFA Clubs and Leagues Re-Affiliation Time

Petanque Federation Australia Notice to Members May 25th 2018 PFA Fees Renewal Please note that in June every year it is time for PFA affiliated Clubs and Leagues to renew their affiliation by paying the annual $100 fee AND to re-licence their licenced players. Note that the Player's Licence fee has increased this year for the first year in a long time to $35. Junior players' licence fees remain at $10 This is now done through the PFA Members Portal. It's important to make sure you are doing this correctly. Read - and reread - the relevant instructions in the User Instructions. (Section 4.2.1) Note especially that you only use the Pay Registration process for paying your Club affi

PFA Newsletter May 2018

The latest Newsletter from the Petanque Federation Australia is available at the Newsletter page of the website.

Victorian Mixed Doubles

On Sunday 29 April, Victoria Petanque held the Mixed Doubles State Championships at Caulfield Park. 28 teams played in three Divisions, Division 1, Division 2 and Over 60s. Division 1- Winner Jessen Soomary and Anick Masson Division 2- Winner Antoine and Nicole Buffet Over 60s - Winner Luois Fenollar and Andrea Bowles


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