Player Licence Policy Updated

The PFA Player Policy has been updated to reflect the fact that Players' information is now held on the Members Portal. Players are no longer required to present a hard copy of their licence when registering at Tournaments. The updated policy is available at the Documents page of the PFA website. See Section 10.

Zac's Big Adventure at the World Titles

The following story is from Zac Diep-Nicholson who attended this year's Junior World Championships in China. The team had the best success ever for a team from Australia finishing second in the Nations Cup. Australian Juniors World Championship, Kaihua, China November 2017 It all started one dinner when my Dad told me that I had been chosen for the Australian Petanque junior team along with Bronson Romani (16), Logan Romani (11) and Krishika Ramjuttun (10). Now, as you may know, I have recently been on a trip to Kaihua, China to compete in the 16th World Junior Petanque championships. Day 1: We rocked up at the Pudong Shanghai Airport to meet everyone at 10:30am, 3rd November. A short wai

Pyrenees Tournament success

The weekend of November 18/19 saw 42 teams compete in the annual Avoca Open Triples tournament which must be one of the biggest in the country now that Coonawarra has (temporarily?) concluded. There were teams from at least three states. Congratulations to Pierrot Lubin, Clifford Edouard and Jessen Soomary for winning the final against a gallant team from Coonawarra. The final results are recorded on the MyPetanque website. Some pics below.

Special General meeting for PFA

A Message to all PFA affiliated clubs (separate correspondence has been sent to all Clubs and Leagues) A notice of a Special General Meeting called for the 9th of December to seek approval from our members to amend the PFA Constitution to allow holders of official positions with member clubs to be elected as a director of PFA has been sent to all Clubs and Leagues. An explanation of the reason we believe this change necessary is contained within the body of notice, so I won’t repeat it here. The board of PFA believe that making this amendment to the constitution will enable us to attract a wider range of people to stand for election to the board and this will assist us to achieve our plan to


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